iOS GPX Framework

What is GPX

GPX is a light-weight XML data format for the interchange of GPS data between applications and Web services on the Internet.
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Faster and Easier

When you parsing the GPX, you needed to using GPX parser and analyzing the structure of the GPX tags. The GPX Framework parses the GPX from a URL or Strings and create Objective-C Instances of GPX structure.

Open Source

The iOS GPX Framework is open source project, it is absolutely free and can be used as is. Anyone can modify its codes and make's it as he like.

Download the Framework and unzip it.

Drag the framework file into the project's Frameworks group, and import the header file.

#import <GPX/GPX.h>

Parsing the GPX

To parsing the GPX file, simply call the parse method.

GPXRoot *root = [GPXParser parseGPXWithString:gpx];

Generating the GPX

To generating the GPX file, creating GPX objects.

GPXRoot *root = [GPXRoot rootWithCreator:@"Sample Application"];

GPXWaypoint *waypoint = [root newWaypointWithLatitude:35.658609f longitude:139.745447f]; = @"Tokyo Tower";
waypoint.comment = @"The old TV tower in Tokyo.";

GPXTrack *track = [root newTrack]; = @"My New Track";

[track newTrackpointWithLatitude:35.658609f longitude:139.745447f];
[track newTrackpointWithLatitude:35.758609f longitude:139.745447f];
[track newTrackpointWithLatitude:35.828609f longitude:139.745447f];

GPX Viewer

This application parsed the GPX passed from other applications or Safari, and displayed the tracks to the map.

Download Sourcecode from GitHub

GPX Viewer - NextBusinessSystem Co., Ltd.

GPX Logger

This application logging your location and export the log as GPX format.

Download Sourcecode from GitHub


The iOS GPX Framework is free under the MIT license. You may use the framework for any purpose, including commercial without paying any additional license fees.


Acknowledgements of external libraries and components used.

  • TBXML : Copyright (c) 2009 Tom Bradley


We welcome your feedback, good or bad, as well as any suggestions you may have.